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Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing a Step Forward To Risk-Free Quality Product

Technology today has achieved unforeseeable heights and is continuing doing so with no signs of halting or burning out. However, to ensure that the software is well- versed it has to go through certain tests and exude positive results.

Smoke testing is a preliminary test at Venttraffic which reveals failures and reserves the right to cancel or even reject the release of the software. Smoke Testing is an important part regarding Quality Assurance and has proven to be a great aide in providing defect free products to customers.

What Is Smoke Testing?

In simple words, Smoke Testing is a rational and a required series of test checks that particular software goes through to help the developers understand whether the software emits failures while in function. Smoke testing serves certain benefits as follows:

*Smoke Testing reduces the risk of poor quality

*Minimizes the integration of risk

*Helps in diagnosing defects easily

*Helps to expose major problems in the product

*Improves Morale

Types of Smoke Testing

Smoke testing can be classified into two types namely:

  1. Unit tests
  2. Functional tests

Unit test as the name suggests tests individual routines, sub- functions, methods used and so on and so forth. Whereas functional tests involve a planned or scripted series of input program to reveal failures in the software in an automated manner.

Quality Assurance as a Confidant

The importance of the stage quality assurance when it comes to launching software cannot be emphasized enough. The company depends heavily on the customers after its digital transformation and severe failures coupled with poor quality would result in bad reputation and recognition of the company in a negative manner.

Quality Assurance is an indispensable part of the process of launching any software. It acts as a yardstick against which various test results are measured. This results in benefits for both the customer and the company. It provides high quality, effective products to the customer and the company earns financially and also socially regarding good reputation in the market.

Reasons That Make Smoke Testing a Perquisite at Venttraffic

  • The smoke test is carried out to ensure that the application is constant enough to carry out an in-depth testing of the product.
  • It is cost effective and can prove to be efficient.
  • Smoke Testing acts as a proof that the software has undergone required tests, and the information can act as proof in the court of law.
  • It also ensures safety and also that the software is secure enough to carry out further development or in- depth tests.

Due to the positive benefits that Smoke Testing exudes, one can safely vouch for the same and carry out the simple process to provide customers with value worthy products. These tests validate the entire software before it goes a step further to being officially coded and secured.

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