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Web Application Firewall

Web application firewall is another way of security to protect your web application from vulnerabilities and to restrict the unauthorized access of users.

What problem does it address?

Attacking websites through the applications (like your blog or shopping cart) has become the leading way for hackers and cybercriminals to bypass traditional security measures. If hackers are able to access your sensitive information or administrative area though the web applications, they can do extensive damage. They can steal data (like your customers’ contact or financial info), deface or destroy your website, use your server to launch attacks on other sites, or worse. Any of these attacks can damage your site’s reputation and ranking on search engines. And your customers lose their trust in your brand, and take their business elsewhere.

How does Venttraffic protect my website?

Our TrueShield website application firewall protects your website from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests. By using TrueShield you can protect your site from bots and targeted attacks with a 5-minute setup. Just a few of the website security benefits of TrueShield are: Customer and visitor data are safe behind TrueShield’s application layer protection that will keep malicious visitors away from your site. Your proprietary data is safe because TrueShield prevents spammers and scrapers from stealing data from your website. Differentiate between human and bot traffic and only let the good traffic visit your website. Website acceleration with our TrueSpeed technology distributes your site through our global content delivery network (CDN), and uses advanced content optimization technology to maximize your site’s performance. Not only will your website be secure, but your pages will load faster and your SEO will get a nice boost.

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