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Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

Quality Assurance - Exploratory Testing

Information technology has developed tremendously over the recent years. It is no longer a surprise if there are sophisticated software being formulated and executed with their brilliance in efficiency and effectiveness. How can one be sure of the limitations and strengths of a software if there is no appropriate testing done? One of the ways forward is to understand the capability of the software without actually having a predetermined criterion. The idea is simply to explore and understand what the software can undertake. What one needs is our Quality Assurance – Exploratory Testing!

Discovering Beyond the Obvious

Exploratory testing is concurrent testing of design, execution and learning. What a structured test can do is verify that the software under the test meets the specified requirements. The testing in this case of Quality Assurance is only for conformity. There is no exploring what the software can do, simply confirmation of the predetermined objectives!

This is not the same as verifying the quality of the software and Quality Assurance calls for this. Testing is directed and inhibited by the design condition and test plan, both of which may have been created before a line of code was written. The Quality Assurance -Exploratory testing is not controlled in this way. The object is to render information that is of worth to stakeholders and measure up the quality of the software, of which conformity with the conditions is only one factor!

The Venttraffic Exploratory Testing

  • There is a high probability that all the strengths and limitations of a software are not fully explored when formulating it. The Venttraffic exploratory testers are always looking for evolving behaviours, which are behaviours that could not have been forecasted earlier to the start of testing. Where planned testing focuses on likely behaviours, evolving behaviours may hang about entirely unproven. Our Quality Assurance – Exploratory Testing can ensure that the unseen is brought out!
  • Our exploratory tester usually starts with a draw round test plan in mind, but eventually adapts the test in answer to changing contexts. If a single part of an application is not showing bugs, the other areas will be looked into! Alternatively the tester may also think about using diverse test techniques in the same area.

Exploratory testing is a fun form of testing where the Venttraffic experts look beyond the stated lines. The results are most useful as it brings out the unobvious!


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