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What Differentiates LinkedIn Advertising from Other Paid Social Media Marketing?

Social media started its journey as an organic marketing tool to help individuals and businesses to build network and find engaging content. Over a few years, paid or sponsored content has become an indispensable part of most of social media marketing strategies, and businesses are spending good amount of money to build audiences here.

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Blending Art and Science Opens Space for the Development of Creative Professionals

By 2019, advertising researchers predict that over 80% of all web traffic will be in video views. This means that anyone with a brain who is not already developing a major video ad campaign for their business, big or small, had better get on the wagon ASAP.

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Interactivity May Be the Key to Viewership for your Video Ads

Video marketing is flooding the web: it’s the most effective form of advertisement in terms of conversion rates, and video clicks comprise the vast majority of web traffic. Advertisers are constantly on the prowl for new and improved ways to make their video ad content stand out from the crowd (here are a few examples of some recent wildly successful video marketing campaigns).

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Story Development in Video Marketing: Plot and Viewer Engagement

In the current online marketing environment, the video ad is truly the leviathan of content, both in prevalence and effectiveness. Research shows that 50% of executives look for more info after seeing a product video, Youtube’s mobile video consumption is increasing at a rate of 100% per year, and 87% of all online marketers use video content.

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The Empire of Video: Why Video Marketing is Dominating Conversions in Every Market Type

We all know the days of traditional print advertising are coming to an end. Even basic image-based web ads are having trouble competing with the biggest monster out there: video marketing. Online video ads are the most effective form of advertising today, unsurprising given that the majority of web traffic these days comes in the form of video views. It used to be said that we live in an image-driven society. Now, it’s more accurate to say that we are video-driven.

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