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Migration Planning

We launched our newly venttraffic site To our visitors, this new site And when it came time to launch, Mark insisted that we do At first, I didnt think a migration plan was all that important.

Migration Planning & Process

Make a backup of the old site. “Turn off” the old site. Copy over the new site. Toggle some config file settings for the new site “Turn on” the new site.Oh wait, we have a CMS! So when we do a “backup” what we really mean is “make an export of the database, AND make a copy of the webroot”. Also our PDFs are stored on a different hostname, so we need to make sure we grab them. Make a backup of the old site. Use SFTP to copy the webroot. Export a copy of the database “Turn off” the old site. Copy over the new site. SFTP the webroot Copy the PDFs from marketing’s system Toggle some config file for the new site “Turn on” the new site.

Create your Migration Plan Ahead of Time

Since migrations can get complex you need to create a migration plan ahead of time, and write it down! The last thing you want to do is be in the middle of a migration and wondering what you need to do next. Sit down, write the plan out. Do this with someone else so you both identify all the steps involved and document the proper order! Migration plans should include literally everything that you need to do to get the old site down, the new site up, and verify that everything is working properly. Every migration plan should have 5 sections: Preparing the new site Preparing the old site Migrating sites Testing Post migration steps There will always be things that should be done to prepare both sites (backups at the very least). You will always have some migration tasks. You should always do rigorous testing when done. You will always have some steps once everything is done and tested (like having a party with the team). To help, here is the Zoompf website migration plan Mark and I used when deploying our new website. Feel free to share it and use it as a basis for your next website migration.

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