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Server monitoring

Server monitoring

Server and Storage Management- Server Monitoring a User-Friendly Affair

In today’s time, a company has varied options to choose from when it comes to storage of data. There are n number of options to exercise regarding selecting the right server and the amount of data to be stored is vast. An organization can choose local storage, cloud storage or storage in the virtualized form and so on and so forth.

Apart from storage options the data available at hand and spread across varied systems has the primary need to be classified and managed effectively. This is when Server and Storage Management at Venttraffic comes into the picture.

What is Storage Management?

Storage Management in simple terms is a management application that helps the organization to manage, classify and monitor the storage it uses. There are varied options an organization can choose from when it comes to selecting a storage vendor, and Storage Management comes to the rescue of the organization to manage each vendor and the features each set of vendor offers efficiently.

What is Server Management?

Server Management is basically, carrying out processes to ensure that the server in place functions effectively and efficiently for proper storage of data. It acts as a confidant to Storage Management. For example, if the server requires an update there are various processes that a company can follow like make the process automated for monitoring updates or manually checking for updates. This function is carried out resourcefully by Server Management.

Server Monitoring as a Confidant

As the name suggests, Server Monitoring is a process that involves monitoring the various resources of server system like Memory Consumption, Usage of CPU, Disk, Network and so and so forth. Server Monitoring helps an organization manage its system’s resources optimally and can help enhance a user’s experience.

An application’s success relatively depends on how well the underlying Server functions. Server Monitoring acts as a confidant and carries out processes to ensure that the server machine functions effectively and the application can be hosted accordingly.

Benefits Served on a platter by Server Monitoring at Venttraffic

Server Monitoring efficiently analyzes the resources at hand and highlights possible failure in the system. Similarly Server Monitoring hordes various benefits that can be enlisted as follows:

*It highlights varied problems as a warning before it affects the entire IT system

*Automated functions

*Effective and easy cloud set-up

*Easy maintenance

*Provides customized view of information to everyone

*Optimization of resources at hand

Server and Storage Management- Server Monitoring

Many companies rely on complex information technology infrastructure today. The information or data the company produces is crucial for the growth of an organization and hence, managing the same is an important task at hand. Server and Storage Management at Venttraffic ensures that the data is resourcefully and skilfully managed in a complex IT environment.

Server Monitoring through simple processes warrants that the underlying server is in good health, and new applications can be effectively hosted on the server for better user experience and usage of more reliable data management applications.

Though the IT environment is complex processes like Server Monitoring under Server and Storage Management are making the entire process a user-friendly affair.

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