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Press Releases

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Press releases are an excellent way to represent important information about your organization to the public. A properly written press release consists of embedded links which link to important web pages on various websites. The press release distribution services do the work of distributing these web pages on third party blogs and websites. We, at Venttraffic, provide the best press release service to increase the flow of visitors to websites.


It is very important for you to update your clients and the public with new up gradations in your businesses and products, so that you remain in news and your brand value goes up. Press Release is the best way out of many other informative ways with which you can tell the world about all that is important for your business like new ventures, programs etc.

A press release is a written (or typed) piece of information that announces your plans, programs, revelations, confessions etc. to the world via press (print or digital news media). These press releases are generally given by hand, mailed, faxed, e-mailed to the editors of the newspaper and magazines in which you wish to appear them and also to the TV, Radio and internet channels where you wish to show them.

We at Venttraffic, have a special team that caters to this need of making to the point and informative press-releases. Our professional writers have a long experience in making quality press releases that can get circulated and picked up by national media outlets. Do remember that a press release is an announcement about the news that you wish the people to know and not an advertisement. You should only include important information in the press releases and circulate them timely, so that it serves its purpose.

Some reasons for making press releases are listed below:

  1. For announcing a new product, feature or services
  2. Upon reaching a goal or an organizational milestone, getting an award or involvement in some charity work
  3. Announcing a new office, company officer or promotion
  4. Launching new partnership or sharing surveys etc.


Though, we are not into the distribution of press releases but we create such press releases that fit into the guidelines issued by the largest press release distribution platform on the internet. This simply means that you will have all the functionality of summary, headlines, dateline, lead, body and boilerplate with an extra added benefit of SEO optimization.


Here are some of the basic components of a Press Release:

  • The content that we create is fully original & unique (passes Copyscape)
  • Press release in written on the basis of the information that you provide in the ‘Press Release Request Form’
  • We write press releases in professional and eye catching manner
  • All the press releases can be SEO optimized
  • Can include quotes, statistics and company specific information
  • Up to 2 keywords can be included per release
  • Fully compatible with 3rd party online press release distribution
  • All rights of the releases will be transferred to the purchaser on delivery
  • 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and revisions will be done if necessary
  • Orders of around 10 releases or less are done in 5-7 business days

How is it used in the SEO process?

The purpose of a press release is to inform the masses about new happenings in any organization. Press releases are most of the times picked up by reputed news agencies and that can make your company a kind of authority in your field of business. Press releases also provide some very important back link benefits. With the huge distribution and pick up potential of these releases, there are chances that your link might get placed on high ranking sites which can shower audiences to your website.

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