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Landing Pages

Landing Pages

$25.00 - $67.00

Landing pages are those 'main' pages which work as online portals for showcasing the essential and unique services of your business. These pages are the pillar of any organization’s website. They disclose the information regarding that brand and its website. We have highly proficient teams that can make the best landing pages for your company to enhance your business.


What is a landing page in the first place? A landing page is any page on a website that can be accessed by simply clicking a hyperlink on another web page. In the modern SEO scenario, any main page on a website can be considered as a Landing page. For example, the “Home” page, “About Us” and “Services” page etc. and even any informational pages.

As you are well aware that your website is the online medium with which you showcase your brand, products and image to the world. It becomes very crucial that the content or text on your website’s Landing Pages is of high quality, interactive and gives accurate information about your company. Landing Pages are the first pages where your potential customers will land and learn about your company and its products. Therefore, it is very crucial to make these pages accurate and informative.

Our team has mastered the components of Landing Pages and also understands the importance of creating excellent web copies. We pay special attention in showcasing your company in professional light while creating your Landing Pages, so that your company is set apart from main stream competition. Our team of excellent writers also makes sure that each landing page has a clear and strong "call to action" in order to improve your web page ROI.


Here are a few of the components of our Landing Page product:

  • The content on every Landing Page is fully original from anything that pre-exists on the web (passes Copyscape)
  • Landing page(s) are created from scratch on the information that is provided by our clients
  • Landing Pages made by us can be optimized for SEO with keywords that are provided by the client (3-5 keywords per page)
  • There’s a separate team, which writes Landing Pages, so that the best is delivered to our client
  • We write Landing Pages as asked by our clients and their company’s point of views
  • Pages are revised to meet the expectations
  • Special care and attention is paid to formatting – introduction, headers, bullets, call to action
  • The Pages can include H1 and H2 headers that are provided
  • Orders of 10 pages or less can be done in 7-10 days and delivered to the client.

How is it used in the SEO process?

Landing Pages are the foundation of any SEO campaign. If you do not have an excellent copy to link back to your website, then you are wasting your time, efforts and money on search engine optimization strategies that will not work in your favor. Do not forget that Landing Pages of your website are the place where your potential sales will turn into actual money making transactions.

Having bad Landing Pages not only causes you to lose customers but demolishes your SEO ranking and that is a blow to your website from which recovery is very difficult. Therefore, invest in making good Landing Pages for your websites.

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