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Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing over any digital media like websites, emails, social networking sites, banner advertisements, search engines, blogs, news sites comes under digital marketing. The horizon of digital marketing is widening ever since it started evolving. However, in the very beginning of the 21st century, a lot of professionalism came in digital marketing. As a result people started looking at it as an effective tool to establish a consistent relation with the customer.

Digital marketing is a powerful mode of marketing and its concepts are deep and relevant to the contemporary requirements of the businesses. This term has not only grown popular but it also has become the most common term in some countries.

Out of a wide horizon of digital marketing, one needs to study building of the brand, measuring and analysing the strategies being followed, optimizing the content and modeling the business accordingly.

Brand and Media Strategy

In the process of building the brand, the business requires construction of the best digital content, so that the brand gets an opportunity to tell its story.

The way a brand is represented in digital media, is completely different from any non-digital media. In digital world, the content gets life with the usage of visuals i.e. diagrams and videos. These things add value to the content and make it easier to understand.

While making the brand and media strategy, the business needs to identify the target audience, platform (facebook, twitter etc.), goals (short term and long term), budget, nature of content and the way the content can engage the audience.

The business will have to understand the expectations of the target audience and foresee their requirements, so that any wastage of the marketing effort could be avoided.

Measurement and Analytics

It is critical to measure and analyse the impact of digital content. A successful digital content is always well thought of and structured to make it more relevant to the situation. However, lack of planning and relevancy is what differentiates a non impactful content from the successful content.

The measurement process starts with the definition of strategic business goals and identification of the relevant parameters for measurement of the work.

After strategic business goals are defined, tactical and to-the-point goals for every strategic business goal are identified. On the basis of tactical business goals, the key performance indicators (KPIs) are to be derived.

For the purpose of analysis, the business needs to identify the clusters of audience on the basis of their behaviours, backgrounds etc. to understand the reasons of success or failure of the marketing effort.

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