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Importance of Responsive Design

There was a time, when websites were only watched over the computer screens, that too with a few combinations of resolutions. And then, came the time when there are different types of devices, using different screen sizes and different combinations of resolutions. This requirement gave birth to the concept of having responsive designs, the designs that are stretched or shrinked to fit in various screen sizes. In the current age, having a non responsive web site is considered as amateur work. This means, that the web site has to be responsive and should respond differently to different screen sizes.

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Why Search Engine Marketing is Effective?

SEM is effective because you can create buyer awareness for little or no cost. Besides this, the methods of SEM can be done by every business – large or small – with great results.

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Bringing the Human Touch to E-commerce: the Future of Collaborative Online Shopping

Except for groceries, if you’re like the average American, you do at least half of your shopping online. It’s pretty likely that most of your friends do too. As social media sites grow and need money for their sites’ upkeep, and retail companies struggle to find niche audiences for their products, the love affair between retail and social media is inevitable.

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Importance of hiring network management professionals

In New York, network management is essential for maintaining a successful network infrastructure. It is useful in supporting and managing the company’s WAN (Wide Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network). By hiring a professional in IT infrastructure services, you can relieve yourself from the stress of many daunting tasks that comes with network management. Here are the some of the most common benefits in attaining the service of a professional network management company,

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Effects of poor software quality

The software quality assurance plays a major role in determining the success of a company. Despite advanced developments in all the aspects of technology, software design flaws are still posing a major challenge to the software industry. Software quality assurance is an act of sustaining the quality of software so that it can meet all the required standards. This process checks for the quality in each stage of the software development rather than testing after the completion. Here are some disadvantages of having a poor software quality

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