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Drip Email Marketing

Drip Email marketing strategy is one of the best ways to achieve more target audience by offering them timely, relevant and targeted emails.

On-Demand Report

We at Venttraffic offer on-demand report to view the result of each and every message that is sent to our potential customers. We are able to do this with the help of drip email marketing strategy. On-demand report provides information regarding total number of send messages, how many times email is opened, total number of clicks and other essential information. We offer you all essential tools that you need to see all essential activities of emails.

Drip Email Campaign Optimization

We at Venttraffic provide another amazing service which is related to optimization of your drip email campaign. We offer this service to our customers so that they can do modifications in their email campaign. Ongoing optimization of your drip email campaign includes adjustments of time of sending emails, to add additional drip stages and for creating custom segments on your email lists.

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