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Directory Traversal

Properly controlling access to web content is crucial for running a secure web server.

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What an Attacker can do if your Website is Vulnerable

With a system vulnerable to Directory Traversal, an attacker can make use of this vulnerability to step out of the root directory and access other parts of the file system. This might give the attacker the ability to view restricted files, or even more dangerous, allowing the attacker to execute powerful commands on the web server which can lead to a full compromise of the system. Depending on how the website access is set up, the attacker will execute commands by impersonating himself as the user which is associated with "the website". Therefore it all depends on what the website user has been given access to in the system.

How to Check for Directory Traversal Vulnerabilities

The best way to check whether your web site & applications are vulnerable to Directory Traversal attacks is by using a Web Vulnerability Scanner. A Web Vulnerability Scanner crawls your entire website and automatically checks for Directory Traversal vulnerabilities. It will report the vulnerability and how to easily fix it.. Besides Directory Traversal vulnerabilities a web application scanner will also check for SQL injection, Cross site scripting & other web vulnerabilities.

Preventing Directory Traversal Attacks

First of all, ensure you have installed the latest version of your web server software, and sure that all patches have been applied. Secondly, effectively filter any user input. Ideally remove everything but the known good data and filter meta characters from the user input. This will ensure that only what should be entered in the field will be submitted to the server.

Check if your Website is Vulnerable to Attack with Venttraffic Web Vulnerability Scanner

Venttraffic Web Vulnerability Scanner ensures website security by automatically checking for SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Directory Traversal  and other vulnerabilities. It checks password strength on authentication pages and automatically audits shopping carts, forms, dynamic content and other web applications. As the scan is being completed, the software produces detailed reports that pinpoint where vulnerabilities exist.

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