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Multivariate Testing

Websites are limitless. Online marketers and web designers know that striking the perfect balance of design and content is important for successful campaigns and rewarding when executed well.

perform a multivariate test

To perform a multivariate test, make changes to multiple elements on the page you want to be part of the test. Once you start the test, Venttraffic will come up with every possible combination of those changes and show them randomly to your site visitors. While letting the test run, you will start to see results on which combinations visitors are converting best with. Imagine a company, Acme Widgets, that operates an e-commerce site selling widgets. Visitors to their site land on the homepage and see three elements: a headline, image and button. Acme’s marketing director has a goal to increase purchases and thus decides that she’d like to try different combinations of images and headlines to see which one drives more clicks to the buy button. She sets up a multivariate test with a new headline and new image. Venttraffic creates four possible combinations with these assets. As visitors land on the site, Venttraffic buckets each visitor into a specific variation. Venttraffic tracks and records the number of visitors who saw each variation, clicked the buy button, and the number of visitors who completed the purchase funnel and landed on the “Thank You” page. The goal of multivariate testing: Multivariate testing, much like A/B testing, delivers marketers the data they need to make smart, profitable decisions about the user experience, whether they be focused around a targeted campaign or usability overall. The critical difference between an AB test and multivariate test is the number of variables tested in each experiment. Equipped with knowledge of how multiple variables on the page interact and affect each other, marketers can position offers more effectively and increase conversions for whatever the ultimate goal may be. Using multivariate testing as a method of website optimization is a powerful way to gather huge amounts of user data that gives detailed insights into complex customer behavior. The data uncovered in multivariate testing removes doubt and uncertainty from website optimization. Continuously testing, implementing winning variations and building off of testing insights can lead to significant conversion gains.  

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