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Capacity planning

Capacity planning

Server and Storage Management - Capacity Planning

Overseeing storage as it breeds in an enterprise is a big test. This is not an easy task to determine the amount of storage space available and to establish where all the storage facility is located. There is also a further step of allocating the storage space to different users and applications. This has brought about terms like data duplication that are trending recently in order to maximise the efficiency in server and storage management.

Might Just Be That Winning Edge – Capacity Planning!

Capacity planning is way more complex than it sounds. Understanding the server and storage requirement for a firm is a fairly complex process when the idea is to get the capacity planning undertaken in the most efficient way possible. There needs to be a balanced plan that places emphasis on all aspects of performance, capacity, power consumption as well as availability. The move is increasingly trending towards older storage systems being replaced by heterogeneous ones.

The Venttraffic Server and Storage Management

  • The Venttraffic storage experts look beyond the bytes to establish the value and attributes of the data at hand. Furthermore, based on the understanding of the data, steps are taken to understand who owns the data and how the data is being used. Based on these derived facts, smart decisions on capacity planning as regards to the enterprise server and storage is undertaken.
  • Often, the basic fundamentals behind a storage framework are overlooked. One of the first steps we undertake is to identify the available storage and to establish the amount of the storage that is being used up by and enterprise.
  • Managing the growth of the need of server and storage is also crucial. There is a high possibility that with the growth in the scope and operations of the firm, the need of storage capacity increases. This is directly proportional with the rising costs of capacity planning. Venttraffic experts understand this and find the best ways possible to minimize the spending on the storage budget!

In essence, to manage the capacity planning for an enterprise, it is first needed to calculate the amount and sources of storage available. This needs to be followed by analysing how much of the current storage is being used. Once this is done, we move on to analyse the needs of the enterprise and frame the server and storage management with the best fit capacity planning tools possible!

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