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User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Is the Software Ideal or Not? Find Out via User Acceptance Testing

We at Venttraffic provide user acceptance testing service to our clients. What is user acceptance testing? Well in simple words you can say that it is a type of testing done by the client to certify the system with respect to the requirements that was agreed upon. Therefore, Acceptance testing is done to determine whether a software is the ideal one for your organization. 

Why is User Acceptance Testing Necessary?

The main objective of this testing is to validate the end to end business flow. You might wonder why this test is necessary. Well, the answer is to protect the organization from harm. When changes are done in business, especially when you are installing new computer systems, you are expositing it so many risks which are:

  • Legal risk: It is highly possible that the system may break laws leaving you open to legal proceedings.
  • Time risk: Sometimes the system might not meet your key business deadlines that can be inconvenient for you. So it is better to discover this in testing and not when a system actually goes live.
  • Resource risk: If the system does not properly integrate with your business a lot of money and resources will be wasted on improving the system, adding cost but no value.

Thus, the main reason for this type of testing is for you to find out what a software system will do for your business or organization before you implement it. Once you have tested it thoroughly, you can make your decision of implementing it without any fear or hesitation!

Why Us?

At Venttraffic we know the importance of this testing, which is why we work with our clients right from the beginning i.e. the requirement definition stage. We also offer complete services for organizations that are executing User Acceptance Testing. Our user acceptance testing performs a number of functions, the main ones being system transactions, user access and confirming whether the software or system is working properly as it is expected to.

Our main objective is customer satisfaction which is why our testing services are designed to help you to choose the ideal software for your growing business!

The entire team at Venttraffic is dedicated to assisting you in your user testing phase.

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