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Test Management - TestLink Tool

Test Management - TestLink Tool

Test Management Made Easier by TestLink

Management is an important and an indispensable part of every individual. It is not limited to one’s life but is equally applicable and a vital aspect of carrying out varied functions of a company. Without effective and efficient management, the chances of everything turning chaotic are high.

What is Test Management?

Test Management in simple terms is just managing of processes or testing activities involved in computer software development. It is a software that simply manages the varied processes involved or test carried out that has been initially organised by various procedures. Software undergoes various procedures, and Test management is only a process to organize these procedures in line to avoid making a mess.

What is TestLink and How Does It Come Into the Picture With Test Management at Venttraffic?

TestLink is a type of Test Management system that acts as a measure of quality assurance. It serves as a platform for carrying out various tests, plans, projects and also issues statistics and reports. It is web- based software and acts as a confidant in the process of Test Management. The user requires a web browser to use this web- based software.

TestLink simplifies the process of Test Management by organizing various procedures over the platform uniformly.

Features of TestLink

TestLink has its share if positive points that make this software easy and effective to use.

  • Clarifies role of management personnel
  • Serves as a platform for varied test plans
  • Acts as a support system for testing different builds of software
  • Includes a bug tracking system
  • Issues the required reports, information, statistics and results

Quality Assurance Approved

The most important aspect served by Test Management software TestLink is quality assurance. Quality assurance is an important measure that acts as selling point and the most important feature the user looks out for.

Quality Assurance is an indispensable part of the process of launching software. Quality Assurance acts as a yardstick against which various test results are measured, and TestLink helps the company garner this objective.

This results in benefits for both the customer and the company. It provides high quality, effective products to the customer and the company earns financially and also socially regarding good reputation in the market.

TestLink carries out varied procedures online to classify the projects, processes, procedures and tests to provide in- depth analysis of the Software.

Test Management is made easier and also cost efficient with the help of TestLink at Venttraffic.

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