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Test Documentation

Test Documentation

Test Documentation a Boon to Software Developers

Technology has advanced and is continuing doing so with no signs of stopping. Every technology has its share of perks and downs when it is in the development stage going through varied tests. There is no doubt when it comes to launching a new product or software it has to go through varied testing procedures to ensure safety and quality alike.

A software undergoes varied tests in a planned environment. A certified plan is devised, and accordingly the design and execution follow. Software exudes results after every test that acts as a measure to either improve the software or let the software pass on to the next test.

Now all these components that are planning, design, execution and results of a particular test are documented giving rise to the concept of Test Documentation.

What is Test Documentation?

 We at Venttraffic believe that Test Documentation plays an important role in the success of any particular software. It is a non-functional sort of software testing where all the required information required carrying out a particular test is written down or documented.

Test Documentation includes all the important information about the software and test alike. The nature of the test scheduled to be carried out, the specifications, procedure to be carried out, timings, execution and reports and so on and so forth.

Reasons Why Test Documentation is a Boon

There are various companies who pay little attention towards documentation. Documentation is a monotonous process but the results it yields are worth noticing. These are few reasons why Test Documentation is a boon to various companies:

  • Documentation can save the organization money, efforts and also time in the long run.
  • It leads to concrete evidence that the software has passed the required tests.
  • With the help of test documentation, a developer would be in a better position to garner top level management’s approval for the same.
  • Acts as evidence in the court of law.
  • Provides scope to improve.
  • Avoids missing out on intricate details in development.

Review, an Important Aspect of Test Documentation

A review is the initial step that leads to documentation of varied tests. There are simply three types of reviews that can be carried out which eventually leads to documentation of the tests carried out namely:

  • Supervisory
  • Peer review
  • Self review

Quality Assurance the Helping Hand

Test Documentation plays an immense part of the process of Quality Assurance here at Venttraffic. It serves as evidence to quality assurance. A company can improve its quality level and serve its customers better with high- end quality software by taking into details that have been documented.

A developer has better chances to go through documents again and again rather than trying to remember everything from scratch. Ink has always served better than memory, and hence quality can be optimized by in-depth analysis of the software along with varied tests to check for security and safety alike. Quality assurance serves the customer and also the company. It is in the best interest for both the groups.

Test Documentation, although a monotonous and manual process, has its share of positive points that benefits every group associated with the company.

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