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Test Coverage

Test Coverage

Venttraffic – The One Stop Centre for All Your Test Coverage Needs

Do you want to make sure that your manufactured products and software are free of defects and viruses?

Then you have arrived at the right destination! Venttraffic incorporates the latest in Quality Assurance of products and software thus increasing customer confidence in the services provided through its wide array of Test Coverage systems.

Why Do I Need Test Coverage?

Test Coverage is vital for Quality Assurance whether it is for computer software or mobile devices as it ensures that the systems are virus free.

Test Coverage improves the efficiency of manufactured products and makes sure that their features match with their functionality to achieve the desired business outcomes.

What can I Achieve with Test Coverage?

All areas of the application must be tested before being marketed or shipped to customers.

Test coverage covers all the following:

  • Functional Testing where the internal structure of the application is tested against its available documentation and is working according to its specification. Any defects found are usually related to user interface or communication
  • Acceptance Testing sometimes known as Beta Testing determines if the product is useful to the customer and that it is what the customer needs. It is possible for an application to pass all the Functional Tests and work properly but fail the Acceptance Tests because it was not useful.
  • Alpha Testing is done before the Beta Testing and ensures that all applications are operational. It can be a long drawn out process.
  • Automation Testing can be run without human assistance and at any time of the day. This test can speed up testing times and improve product efficiency.
  • Beta Testing is the last stage of the tests and basically involves having the products being tested outside the team to detect any deficiencies in performance
  • Data Base Testing tests the security and durability of databases
  • Failover Testing is especially useful for customers with heavy traffic on their systems. Failovers provide a backup by having more servers online

So why not go ahead and give your applications the security they need and boost customer confidence in your products and services?

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