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Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Regression Testing – A Stitch in Time

Alan Jay Perlis, a renowned American computer scientist, when asked about software designing, was once quoted saying, ‘There are two ways to write an error-free software program only, but almost always the third one only works!’ This is more than just a witty one-liner that comes from the first recipient of the prestigious Turing Award; it is the absolute truth in the world of software design.

So when your newly designed or upgraded software is finally built, you know it is time for its Regression Testing. And if you are looking for high-quality performance and functional testing of your software, call Venttraffic today to avail the best in class Regression Testing services.

With the tried, tested and trusted Regression Testing process carefully designed by the able minds at Venttraffic, quality is the base that supports these three benefits:

Zap That Bug Before It Infects Your Market Image

  • No one likes an unfinished product, and a finished product with flaws can spell disaster for your market image. Regression Testing your software before it’s official entry to the end-users can eradicate chances of such a harm to your brand image.
  • Regression Testing your program is necessary to detect any flaws that were induced while creating or making changes to your program. The carefully designed Regression Testing process at Venttraffic will ensure that all the bugs are identified for you to resolve and refine your software.
  • Call us now to know more about our quality assurance and Regression Testing services.

Know How Your Program Will Perform In Different Environments

  • Whether it is a smart phone or a computer, the consumers are always spoilt for a choice. And this only means that the software developers need to work harder for their program to work well in all the operating environments. This makes Regression Testing of your program all the more important.
  • Contact Ventraffic today to know if your software program needs any optimization when it is run on a different kind of operating environment.

Quicker Test Results Mean More Time For Working On Improvements

  • Every new launch has a target date, and we understand the importance of correct timing. With the carefully designed, robust and time efficient Regression Testing done by our quality assurance team, you can have the test results in hand with more than enough time to work on resolving the bugs and, perhaps, incorporate more improvements to an already great program.
  • Get in touch with us today and reduce your program’s time to market significantly.


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