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Product Verification Testing

Product Verification Testing

Quality Assurance – Product Verification Testing

As simple as the word may sound, ‘Quality’ goes beyond the simple definition of the word. Many times what differentiates between one brand and another is supremely the ‘Quality’ of their product! A business that wants to be ahead of its rivals may just need that extra edge of ‘Quality’ check to ensure that their products adhere to the Quality Assurance standards and can give their customers a happy delight. What one needs is the Quality Assurance – Product Verification Testing.

The Key to Success In Innovation – Product Verification Testing

When a software is ready to move to the production phase, a certain testing is needed to be carried out to ensure that the software can be manufactured correctly regarding meeting the demand of the customer. The purpose is to carry out a Product Verification Testing or a Pilot Testing to ensure that the pre-production stage can correctly be converted to the production stage.

In simple words, the principle is to confirm the design of the conceived product has been correctly implemented into manufacture. Software needs to match the standards of the customer expectation. And having a Pilot test is elementary to ensure that this happens as planned!

The Venttraffic – Product Verification Testing

  • The Venttraffic experts carry out validation checks to confirm that product design satisfies or fits the proposed use the software meets the user requirements. Production verification testing is done as an ultimate opportunity to establish if the software is ready for a launch.
  • The Venttraffic experts carry out two operations
  1. Verification: We check if the software building is being carried out right? The process of assessing software is carried out to determine whether the products of a given progress phase suit the circumstances obligatory at the start of that phase.
  2. Validation: We check if we are building the right product. This process of evaluating software is either during or at the end of the development process to ensure that the requirements are met absolutely!

In simple words, Product Verification Testing is ensuring that the software has been built according to the needs and design stipulations while software justification ensures that the software in point of fact meets the user's needs. We ensure that "we built it right". Conforming to certain standards is important to ensure that the customer is happy with the product. Venttraffic carries out this form of Quality Assurance and never compromises on Quality!


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