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Internationalization and Localization Testing

Internationalization and Localization Testing

Incorporation of Linguistic and Cultural Aspects – Internationalization and Localization Testing

In order to launch an application successfully, it must effectively attract the users. To make that possible one needs to cater to the needs of the users regarding language, regional needs, and positive features. These are just a few requirements that lure a customer to us at Venttraffic.

Language shouldn’t be a barrier to make a software application useful to the end user. In order to avoid language barrier as a threat and to use it to the best possible extent as an opportunity varied testing procedures come to the rescue.

What is Internationalization Testing?

It is a non-functional type of testing. To simplify the meaning, internationalization can be defined as a process through which a software application is designed so that the application can cater to various customers across the globe. It can be efficiently adapted to varied languages and regions alike without undergoing any significant changes.

What is Localization Testing?

Localization testing is a step forward in internationalization testing. As the name suggests, it is a simple process of adapting a software application internationalized by adding certain specifications locally to cater to the needs of a specific language or region. Translating text and adding additional features prominent for the region are certain components that form a part of Localization Testing at Venttraffic.

Benefits of Internationalization Testing

*Internationalization Testing helps the developers ensure that the application can be adapted and works efficiently across the globe.

*It ensures that the input accepts texts from all the languages.

*It checks whether the product is capable of carrying out basic functions.

*It ensures cost control and poses varied issues in advance.

Benefits of Localization Testing

*It reduces overall cost involved in testing and support centres.

*The time taken to carry out Localization testing is relatively less.

*More flexible.

*Higher scalability.

Quality Assurance

Internationalization and localization testing ensure that the product can be successfully adapted in a specific region or market, and its main goal is to make a product that ensures appropriate cultural and linguistic aspects.

It helps in the process of quality assurance. Quality assurance ensures that the product meets the needs of the end users in a specific region or market. It is process that acts as a yardstick to provide quality products to customers taking into account varied linguistic and cultural aspects of a specific region or market.

At Venttraffic we believe that Internationalization and Localization testing as mentioned above avoids language as a barrier to a company. This financially helps the company to make profits and also helps users across the globe access to new and innovative software applications with ease. These tests form an immense part of the process of quality assurance.

Internationalization and Localization Testing are really important tests in software testing. The risk that language can become a barrier for the company to sell its product is efficiently avoided by carrying out simple procedures and varied tests. Once this threat is turned into an opportunity the company has the ability to earn financially across the globe.

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