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Compatibility and Interoperability Testing Services

Compatibility and Interoperability Testing Services

Interoperability and Compatibility is the Way Forward in a Data Solutions Driven World

The world is constantly changing everyday with the advent and evolvement of new technologies. Various systems in an enterprise communicate with many other external systems and data sources at data, hardware, application, network or OSI level. Many of these systems functionalities may or may not be from a single software developer, thereby possibly causing a system disruption and failure.

In today's data-driven world, this incompatibility is not acceptable and will decide the make and break of an enterprise. Hence, it becomes very important to have the various system functionalities to be readily interoperable and compatible with one other to increase the productivity and profit margins. This is where Venttraffic comes to your rescue with their state of the art and validated Interoperability and Compatibility testing procedures.

Validation of the system and application requirements

It is imperative that all the systems you use should have its basic system requirements fulfilled for the system to operate at its optimum level. Thus, testing your applications and systems for compatibility under various test environments becomes essential to avoid and reduce future failure scenarios. Venttraffic has considerable experience in validating systems and applications with their validated procedures for vendor software platforms.

The compatibility test may be done on various levels like:-

  • Operating system level:- Windows, UNIX
  • Database Level:- UDB, SQL Server
  • Networking level:- Firewalls, Malware Protection, Proxies
  • Integration of any other peripheral devices like USB, printers and any other hardware

Interoperability testing also becomes important since it is concerned with running of various applications/ service along different software and hardware platforms. They are also tested and validated for their proper working under simulated testing conditions.

Identification of Defects under Simulated Conditions of Software and Hardware Environments

More the defects, more the failure rate in the future. Defects can arise because of improper integration or improper and invalidated testing procedures. Thus, it is very necessary to mitigate the defects arising in a system and take steps to avoid future instances. Venttraffic with its validated development and testing teams helps you to identify and mitigate these defects and also provides solutions and measures for preventing the occurrences of such defects in subsequent iterations of software development. Interoperability defects are also unveiled while testing and proper measures are suggested by our experts to mitigate their long term and iterative occurrence.

Analysis of Extent up to Which the Application Is Ready for Release

There may be many cases where inherent defects will manifest themselves only when they are exposed to harsh operating environments. They shall not come up during the normal software development iterations cycle. However, such defects may tarnish the reputation and accountability of an enterprise once they reach the market. Hence, conscious decisions have to be taken as to the extent to how much and which part of the software and application should be released in the market based on the analysis from the interoperability and compatibility testing results. Our development teams at Venttraffic guide you in taking such conscious decisions in consultation with your development teams.

To find out more about the services provided, you can easily refer to our catalogue and choose from the range of services. We assure you that we operate under strict quality driven standards and customer development oriented values. To get a detailed information on the services offered by us, quickly get in touch with Vent-traffic 24/7 support helpline.

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