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Oracle Server

Oracle Server

Oracle Services Flexibly Meets the Requirements of Your Business

Oracle Corporation is a prominent name in the Information Technology industry providing exclusive IT services to the banking industry.

Oracle effectively enables our modern environment of IT, providing exclusive services. It has made efforts to efficiently inter- connect the hardware and software in the cloud environment in our organization’s data centre. It provides a competitive portfolio of solutions over the cloud.

Oracle has engineered its products efficiently, and it can be categorized according to its use at Venttraffic.

  • Oracle Implementation Services: Oracle Implementation Services makes the entire process of migrating from application environment to a flexible and scalable Oracle ERP platform. They efficiently help build a strong foundation for aligning the Oracle’s application and varied business needs of our organization.
  • Application Management Services: Application Management Services is another type of service provided by Oracle effectively improving the business process involved by evaluating and bringing in innovative processes, applications and tools alike. It also involves timely resolve of issues and efficiently reduces the overall impact of a predicament on the entire system.
  • Oracle Shared Services: Customers can use Oracle Shared Services to the best of their advantage by using Oracle’s vast pool of resources coupled with globally recognized expertise. It involves three levels covering application, functional and technical development aspects.
  • Fusion Application Service: Oracle’s Fusion Application Services is an array of services provided over the Cloud. It also involves, providing consultation regarding the new services and its relevance to one’s business. Implementation of the selected service, maintaining the same and also testing the services provided.
  • Upgrade Services: Upgrade Services by Oracle brings to the notice of business organizations, the new and improved processes in business that can be efficiently used to improve the lifecycle of the entire business process. This leads to reduced cost and also optimum utilization of resources which benefits the business organization itself.
  • Development Service: Development Services which again is provided by Oracle can be used to upgrade or enhance one’s business process. The process is carried it on time avoiding hiccups in the process during the development stage.
  • Fusion Middleware Service: We at Venttraffic strongly believe in the fact that the changes in IT industry are rapid and not constant, calls for changes in various processes of the business organization. In order to make the entire process of change that is from accepting the changes to implementing and applying it to the business process is efficiently handled by Oracle through Fusion Middleware Service.

Being updated regarding varied new services is probably the smartest thing a business organization, like us at Venttraffic, can profess.

Every process has its share of developmental aspects upholding the quality and effectiveness of a system in place.

These are the wide range of services provided by Oracle. Oracle Services is flexibly meeting the varied requirements, needs and preferences of our organization by providing a wide range of services in IT solutions.

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