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Linux OS Server

Linux OS Server

Linux Operating System

Why Choose Linux?

Venttraffic operates on the Linux Operating System, which is such an operating system that relays a command from an application to another mobile or a computer processor. The command is then interpreted by the processor and is then relayed back to the application to perform the desired function.

Since we develop applications for mobile phones, we have chosen Linux because it is an OS that is accessible not only on mobile phones but also on desktop computers. This feature enables our clients to make their business accessible globally on any device whether it is a mobile phone or a desktop computer that is quite a unique feature.

Linux OS is Efficient and Guarantees Speed

The main aim for choosing Linux OS Services is not only its accessibility but also its efficiency and speed. To make our clients' businesses global with the maximum outreach, Venttraffic needed to choose an operating system that in its very nature had to be efficient and not just global and also compatible to the devices that are technologically advanced. In today's world where technology is evolving at an exponential rate, an operating system that is speedy is also the need of the hour and Linux Operating System ensures the happening of the same.

Linux is the OS of the New World

To make one's business global, accessible and advanced, one needs to make sure the Operating System, which the application is using is used by companies internationally and not just regionally. Linux is an Operating System, which provides global services and is considered at par with its other peers such as Windows OS or Symbian.

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