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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

A Centralized Approach IT Service Desk – SalesForce Integration

We at Venttraffic believe that the integration of various departments and systems has its share of positive perks. It leads to optimum utilization of resources of the organization. Once the set up is established, the work-flow and similar flow of information through the departments is easy, fast and effective.

Integration of varied systems or department requires basic knowledge regarding the individual systems in place for an effective and a successful affair. We believe that the avoidance of in- depth analysis and excluding intricate details would lead to a chaotic process and hence understanding the department or a system is a perquisite.

Integrating a system to the cloud has its fair share of benefits and must be executed after proper analysis of the organizations requirements, preferences and the benefits it can derive after integrating the system.

IT Service Desk

To define IT Service Desk in simple terms, it is a communication centre in function that acts as a source of contact between an organization and varied groups present in the society. These groups constitute the employees, customers, and business partners.

The main function that a Service Desk serves is that it provides efficient and effective help to varied users facing predicaments. At Venttraffic we feel that it ensures timely redress and helps in improving customer satisfaction.


SalesForce is an enterprise providing software-as-a-service (SaaS) in Cloud computing environment.

We think that SalesForce helps to effectively manage the customers or varied groups present in the society’s contact information and integrates the system to provide a real user-friendly experience.

The Benefits of Integration

Integrated system offers varied set of benefits to an organization, and these can be enumerated as follows:

*Smarter Customer Service

*Service and Sales are connected

*Sales Insights are Stronger

*Remedy to customer predicaments is faster and effective

The new integration leads to and also ensures a centralized approach and offers a centralized view of sales made to the customer and the after sale services provided by Venttraffic.

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