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Citrix System Solutions

Citrix System Solutions

Benefits Galore derived from IT Service Desk- Citrix System Solution Integration

There are varied functions in a company that can be successfully outsourced and are even outsourced in today’s business environment. There are various vendors in the market with efficient and effective services that the company can choose from depending on its requirements and preferences.

What is IT Service Desk?

IT Service Desk in simple terms is a primary part of IT service which acts as a communication link between the company and varied groups present in the society.

  • It ensures single point of contact
  • It is an essential part of an organization
  • Apart from acting as a communication link it manages the software packages
  • Efficiently optimizes the services provided by the company and also
  • Checks on varied IT functions

Functions Carried Out By Our IT Service Desk

There are various services provided by our IT Service Desk at Venttraffic. It carries out various functions in order to provide quality information and services to the user. Few operations can be enlisted as follows:

  • Network Operation
  • Database Operation
  • System Operation
  • Security Management

Citrix Systems Solutions at Venttraffic

Citrix Systems Solutions have come forward with an amazing feature named as GoToAssist in order to simplify IT Service Desk operations. It hordes its share of positive features the major one being less costly and more efficient.

An organization would have to simply log into and buy this service online in order to make their support system effective and responsive to customer’s predicaments efficiently.

Features of Go To Assist

  • Transparency is guaranteed as the user can easily log in and track the varied processes himself.
  • Faster technical service is provided.
  • Involves various modules in order to cater to specific business needs.
  • Increased level of efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction is prioritized.

The process to integrate IT Service Desk to Citrix Systems Solutions is simplified, and the benefits that an organization can derive from the same is vast and exclusive.

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