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Datacenter Equipment administration

Datacenter Equipment administration

Datacenter Management: Need of the Hour

We can all see that how today the world is heavily driven by technology. The computer servers and IT systems are increasingly challenged by the heavy demands made on their software applications and networks.

These overloads require frequent system upgrades to ensure that there is compatibility with the existing systems. Upgrades are also required to cope up with the new layers of data and network connections. All this is done in order to conduct, smooth and efficient business transactions over these networks.

We are here to Offer You All the Support You Need

We, at Venttraffic provide you with the latest Data Equipment Management technology that is guaranteed to keep your hardware and software safe and working optimally.

Data Centre Equipment Installation: Who Does It?

The most common task in any Data Centre is the handling and installing of hardware and servers. The heavy equipment requires a large number of personnel to physically install the equipment.

Venttraffic, a famous name in the server manufacturing business recommends at least two people to install U2 servers and a minimum of four personnel to handle heavy equipment. In fact, our operations manual also recommends the use of cranes to lift the equipment.

Routine Room Maintenance: What Needs To Be Taken Care Of?

Besides maintaining the servers, equipment racks and networking hardware the room itself requires regular maintenance too. Some critical areas that require regular maintenance are:

Air-Conditioning and Cooling

  • Filters need to be regularly changed
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Keeping a log maintenance with any issues for reference


  • An electrician to verify proper input/output and grounding
  • A power analysis site that checks for soundness of wiring, quality of the AC voltage, etc.

Fire Suppression

  • Fire systems to be checked according to code requirements
  • Instruct people in the room how to operate fire suppression equipment

Visual Inspections to Check For

  • Clean up and tidy the room (put things in their proper place including documents, DVD/CD’s, tapes)
  • Empty trash frequently
  • Avoid eating and drinking in the room
  • Update labels for equipment, cables, etc.
  • Alert lighting/LEDs, and Alarm panels need to be viewable and up to date
  • Floors should be smooth without raised tiles or holes
  • Equipment should be neat and orderly

Physical Access

  • Verify, who has access to the room (ensure that there is a proximity card or other electronic method instead of keys)
  • Doors should be properly sealed to maintain a constant room pressure
  • Manage reports on room access

Why Us?

With us, you are sure to avail numerous benefits. Some of them are:

  • High-speed networking
  • Secure firewall
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • System monitoring
  • Back-up and recovery

With proper implementation, maintenance management can save costs and provide long-term efficiency as well.


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