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Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

$0.00 - $60.57

Description of products need to be self-explanatory so that customers can easily know about usage and benefits of products. To get better and easy to understand product description you can contact us anytime or can buy this service.

Product Description


Product Descriptions are pretty self explanatory – they describe a product in detail to your customers!  Product descriptions are typically found on retail sites, eCommerce sites, and pretty much any website that utilizes a shopping cart system.  They are meant to be an aid to consumers in making a purchasing decision.  Whether you are creating a new eCommerce site that is need of product descriptions, or you have existing descriptions that are duplicates of descriptions found on other sites that need to be rewritten, we can help.

Because Product Descriptions are often ordered in bulk, and typically run between 50-200 words, we’ve created special pricing that is associated with smaller word ranges.  If you have product descriptions that need to be longer – never fear.  We also have options for larger word sizes as well.

As with everything else we write, Product Descriptions are written from scratch at the time of your order.  Our qualified writers will create a unique and informative product description based on existing information that you provide.  Please be prepared to supply a URL or two of where our writers can go to get the information they need to create the description.


Here are some of the things that set our Product Descriptions apart:

  • - Content passes Copyscape (it will be original and unique)
  • - Content is meant to provide customers with essential product information.
  • - Content can be optimized for SEO (if keyword phrases are provided)
  • - Content will contain a keyword density of 1-3% (if keyword phrases are provided)
  • - All rights will be transferred to the buyer upon order delivery
  • - Orders of 25 descriptions or less are typically turned around in 4-5 business days


How is it used in the SEO process?

While product descriptions are primarily used as informative pieces of content to aid in customer transactions, they also serve a purpose when it comes to SEO.  First of all, they provide a legitimate opportunity to build out the pages of your website and increase the overall amount of content found there.  The more content you have on your site, the more that Google can index.  Not only that, it’s an opportunity to naturally infuse your site with more keywords.

Second, if you don’t have UNIQUE descriptions on your site, you run the risk of being penalized.  If your site sells products that are also listed on other sites,  you need to make sure that your descriptions are rewritten so that they are not identical.  In the same light,  if you’ve just taken the original descriptions from the manufacturer (that are already listed somewhere else on the internet), then you also NEED to rewrite these descriptions to make them original.  This is not just a helpful SEO practice, it’s necessary!  If you have any duplicate content on your site – even if it is just tiny product descriptions – you may be penalized for it.  Don’t take that chance!


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