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Meta Descriptions

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One of the most important factors for raising Google ranking for any website is to have Meta description. If you have a unique and accurate Meta description, then you will have more traffic in-flow. We, at Venttraffic, are capable of providing the best Meta descriptions for your content. Feel free to contact us, if you need high quality Meta descriptions.

General The word Metadata is used for the data that describes the main data or content of a web page or blog in a simpler and compact manner. The word Meta is a prefix, very often used in information technology to describe an underlying definition or description. This data may include name of the author of the content, its contributors, date on which created, date on which modified and file size etc. Metadata may work as a simple filter which makes it easier for the user to locate a specific document. In addition to giving information about document files, metadata can be used for images, videos, spreadsheets and web pages. On web pages, metadata is very important as it contains the information and description about the contents & keywords linked to content on web pages. One should always remember that metadata is quite often displayed by the search engines in search results and therefore can influence the visitor to either visit the website or reject it. Therefore, metadata is very crucial in SEO and running a successful website that will attract more users and customers. Metadata descriptions given for web pages are used by search engines to index and categorize the web pages accurately. These descriptions are usually shown under the page heading of search results on all the major search engines. These metadata descriptions can be of 160 characters (including spaces and punctuations) and should simply explain the user about the material or data that they will find on the web page. We create the best metadata for our clients that include all the information and keywords about their products. We do this to ensure that when their website shows in search results, the user or viewer is able to catch the information about the product immediately. Specifications Here are some of the specifics of our Meta Descriptions: o All the content that we compose for metadata is fully unique o The content of metadata can be optimized for search engine optimization (if the keyword phrases have been provided) o The content will provide the customers and search engines with web page information o The content may contain an instance of around two keywords o All rights of the content will be transferred to the purchaser on delivery o The order for 25 Meta descriptions or less are generally done within 3-5 business days

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