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Branded Blog Posts

Branded Blog Posts

$15.00 - $295.25

Blog post is considered to be a most valuable service to enhance popularity of your business brand, appreciation and online traffic. It is also an easy and quick way to post about your business products and services and to get immediate feedback from your customers. We offer this significant blog post service with proper quality to all our customers at reasonable cost.

Product Description - Blog Posts


Blog Posts are one of the most valuable SEO assets you have when it comes to branding, recognition and organic traffic.  Blogs are usually brand-driven, keyword relevant pieces of content that are used to educate readers, generate buzz  and to promote a company and its products / services.  Our Blog Posts are written by a higher quality writing team than that of the Premium Articles in order to mesh educational information, company-specific content and appropriate tone and voice.

Since Blog Posts typically represent your company directly, there are several key factors that are important for our writers to consider.  Some of these factors include: company image, company voice, corporate style guides, submission platforms, company approval, etc.  Our account managers will work with you to ensure that you get Blog Post content that meets your expectations and expands your brand.

While our Blog Posts are primarily used for branding purposes, they can also be used for content marketing as guest posts or highly-branded article content to be used off-site.


Here are some of the features that our Blog Posts include:

  • - Content is original and unique (passes Copyscape)
  • - Blog is meant to be more engaging, specific, share-able and readable
  • - Blogs are one quality level above that of Premium Articles
  • - Blogs can be written from the point of view of the company
  • - Blog posts can (and should) be optimized for SEO
  • - Blogs contain a keyword density of 1-3% (if keyword phrases are provided *2-3 keywords MAX)
  • - Topic focused, but can include keywords.
  • - Once blogs are delivered to purchaser, all rights are transferred
  • - Orders of 25 posts or less are usually turned around in 7-10 business days


How is it used in the SEO process?

One of the easiest ways to get amazing content out to your readers is by utilizing your company’s blog.  It’s no secret that sites that post engaging content have the opportunity to drastically increase their brand image as well as their loyal readership base.

Another truth is that search engines LOVE fresh, timely, high-quality content.  Creating interesting new blog posts is one of the best ways to get instances of critical keywords on your website over and over again. Blogs that are consistently updated are more trusted by the search engines, and thus move up the rankings over time.

In a nutshell, fresh content added regularly to your site through the use of blog posts will keep readers coming back, strengthen your brand, and allow search engines to more frequently crawl your site for content that positively projects your company.

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