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Importance of Responsive Design

There was a time, when websites were only watched over the computer screens, that too with a few combinations of resolutions. And then, came the time when there are different types of devices, using different screen sizes and different combinations of resolutions. This requirement gave birth to the concept of having responsive designs, the designs that are stretched or shrinked to fit in various screen sizes. In the current age, having a non responsive web site is considered as amateur work. This means, that the web site has to be responsive and should respond differently to different screen sizes.

Nowadays, with the increasing mobile traffic, the majority of traffic on ecommerce sites is coming from the mobile devices. Google, in its mobile design strategy has recommended responsive design as a best strategy. Irrespective of the content of your website, news, shopping cart, company information, services description etc., the content should be served properly to mobile screens.

In 2010, responsive design emerged as an alternative for the business houses struggling to show their web content across the devices with different screen sizes. However, there are a lot of business houses who are unaware of the benefits of a responsive web designs.

A website with a responsive design could serve all available devices having different screen sizes and resolutions. A website could be called responsive, if it changes its layout dynamically with the change in screen size or resolution. The sizes of images, grids and other page elements changes as per the size of the screen. This could be tested on desktop browsers by resizing the browser area and the content will fit the changed width.

Currently, clients are aware of the trend of responsive sites and they request for this to the web designers. When people check the visitor statistics and they got to know the number of visitors from the mobile phones, they ensure that their website is tested on every screen size. The percentage of people accessing websites on mobile devices is growing with the growth of cellphone ownership.

Also, responsive websites save the effort of developing content for different screen sizes. Developers only have a single set of code to work upon. Although, it takes more time in the beginning, but eventually it is worth an effort.

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