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Importance of Website and Web Application Security

A website serves as a means / source of communication with the target audience. It provides a platform where the businesses can interact with their prospects and customers. Nowadays, most of the businesses have web presence i.e. almost all businesses have their websites. Even if they have the company information on their website, that also needs to be safe guarded and protected against any compromise. Nobody wants their website to have any unwanted information put in by some hacker who managed to hack their company website.

The need to have website security has to viewed from two perspectives. First perspective is of the website owner who wants his data and information safe and secure. The other perspective is of the users who access the website who would not want any malicious files to enter into their computer as they open any website.

The entire information related to a website is stored on web server. There may be more than one websites hosted on the webserver. When we discuss website security, we are also talking about the security of the web server on which the web site is hosted. The people who are accessing web server for various reasons, should have access on a "need to know" basis. The policies for the web server should be able to identify unauthorised access and grant the defined access to users as per the permissions set for every user.

Also, the security levels of the website are defined on the web server on the basis of the content that a web site carries. If your website carries some content like credit card data or users'' identity information, the required security levels would be relatively higher than the security levels for a website that has company services explained. Therefore, the relevant security levels are crucial to the business in order to have the security of the web server and websites.

To ensure website security, there is a need to have regular web site security audits. The security audits can identify the probable threats and weaknesses, so that the security updates could be initiated. It is important to discover any vulnerability, before it is exploited by the hackers.

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