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The Empire of Video: Why Video Marketing is Dominating Conversions in Every Market Type

We all know the days of traditional print advertising are coming to an end. Even basic image-based web ads are having trouble competing with the biggest monster out there: video marketing. Online video ads are the most effective form of advertising today, unsurprising given that the majority of web traffic these days comes in the form of video views. It used to be said that we live in an image-driven society. Now, it’s more accurate to say that we are video-driven.

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Nike Steps Up Its Game with new Open Source software

Nike has long been known as a company that doesn’t fear experimentation. It was one of the first to combine wearable tech with user data and has revolutionized the athletic wear industry. Now it is joining the ranks of other major industries in sharing open source company software with the tech community. This could lead to improvements in the products and other benefits of collaborative programming.

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